4th Annual New Berlin Fire Company Survival Run.  Sept 6 2014, Registration starts at 9 am, race begins at 1030 am.

2014 Run Form

January 2014 - Coming this month in the mail will be the New Ambulance Membership Form and information.  Please look for the envelope marked New Berlin Ambulance.

January 18th - Ham and Chicken Pot Pie  Time: 4:30pm

February 22nd - Ham and Chicken Pot Pie  Time: 4:30pm

April 19th - Firemans Easter Egg Hunt SUN Votech  Time: 1:30pm

April 26th - Chicken and Waffles  Time: 4:30pm

May 11th - Mothers Day Ham and Turkey Dinner  Time: 10:30am

June 15th - Fathers Day Chicken and Waffles Dinner  Time: 11:00am

June 17th - 21st - Firemans Carnival and nightly meals

August 23rd - New Berlin Day  Time: 9:00 - 5:00

Oct 7th - Fire Truck rides and Open House  Time: 7:00pm

Oct 11th - Ham and Chicken Pot Pie  Time: 4:30pm

All events are subject to change.


Meals and Activities for 2014